Campaign Finance

7 Jun 2012
From The Wall Street Journal: FEC Poised to Allow Campaign Donations Via Texts
10 Jun 2012
From The Boston Globe: In a world of super PACs, Mitt Romney rules
12 Jun 2012
From Politico: Newt Gingrich: Elections rigged for the rich
15 Jun 2012
From The Cable McCain: Adelson funding Romney Super PAC with 'foreign money':
16 Jun 2012
From New York Times: "2012’s Financial Free-for-All"  
7 Jul 2012
From BBC "Romney beats Obama by $35m in June fundraising" Mitt Romney's presidential campaign increased its fundraising lead over President Barack Obama in June, official figures show.
16 Jul 2012
From The New York Times: Campaign Aid Is Now Surging Into 8 Figures
17 Jul 2012
From the New York Times: How Much Has Citizens United Changed the Political Game?  
18 Jul 2012
From The Huffington Post "Mitt Romney Says Campaign Finance Laws Limit Ability To Fight Negative Ads"
18 Jul 2012
From Wall Street Journal "Democrats Cite Koch Brothers in Clash Over Disclose Act"