Martha Raddatz and the Role of the Moderator

One of the main differences between the presidential debates and most formal debate is the moderator. Martha Raddatz's sharp, persistent approach last night drew a sharp contrast with Jim Lehrer's hands-off moderating in the first presidential debate. Which did you prefer?

The Associated Press has analysis of the job that Martha Raddatz did: Forceful Raddatz draws praise as moderator.

"Her performance was a clear contrast to PBS' Jim Lehrer's work in last week's debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Lehrer let the presidential candidates talk almost freely, while Raddatz sought to be more specific and keep things under control.
Raddatz, a foreign policy correspondent at ABC News since 1999, was moderating her first vice presidential or presidential debate.
She stopped one exchange on the economy just at the point Vice President Joe Biden and GOP candidate Paul Ryan had descended into bickering.
'I want to move on to Medicare and entitlements," she said. "I think we've gone over this quite enough.'"


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