Maine's likely next Senator is a centrist wildcard insisting on reforms to the chamber - but will he be successful?

From The Economist: Man in the middle: One determined centrist, alas, will not make for a less partisan Senate


"The very dysfunction that is driving Mrs Snowe out of public life, Mr King says, has prompted him to get back into it. Overhauling government, he argues, is even more important than repairing the economy, since an ineffectual Congress cannot craft effective economic policies. To that end, he supports some rather obscure changes to the procedures of the Senate: timelier votes on the president’s nominees to judgeships and other senior posts, fewer filibusters, more scope for the minority to offer amendments, and so on. More broadly, he would like to shore up the principle of centrism. He speaks of creating a centrist caucus, of campaigning for independent candidates in other states, of becoming “the tip of the spear” for America’s neglected moderates." Read more...

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