Fact checking the Republican National Convention

Last week the Republicans made their pitch to the American public at the Republican National Convention. If you missed any of the big speeches from Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Condaleeza Rice and more, you can still watch them now at

We also encourage you to think critically about the speeches, and to do more research about the topics discussed. Below are links to several articles fact checking the major speeches (which we will also list for the Democratic Convention when it is completed):

  1. Fact checking the GOP Convention's opening night - includes Ann Romney's address and Chris Christie's keynote speech (Washington Post).
  2. Fact checking the GOP Convention's second night - includes Condaleeza Rice and Paul Ryan's speeches (Washington Post).
  3. Fact checking Mitt Romney's acceptance speech at the GOP Convention (Washington Post)
  4. (CNN Money)

To follow the Democratic Convention this week, go to

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