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IDEA is excited to announce a new partnership with the Huffington Post, to bring you the Change My Mind U.S. Presidential Debates!

Is your mind made up on the presidential election? Do you know which candidate you support on tax policy or healthcare? What about foreign relations with Russia and China? Who has the better plan to solve unemployment? The Presidential Debates, now on the Huffington Post’s Change My Mind and powered by IDEA, will present the best case for Obama and Romney’s positions, for your consideration. Why not let the candidates test your views? They just might get you to change your mind.

The Presidential Debates will come to the Huffington Post in late September. In the meantime, you can learn more about the U.S. presidential debates and what’s at stake in this year’s election at You can also view and comment on more debates from the Huffington Post.


We'll see you there in September!

I watch the two presidential

I watch the two presidential debates of Election 2012. And I must say that those debates did not give me a good picture of who is the best person to lead the country. The televised presidential debates locked out 14 other viable prospects - and the Democrats and Republicans consent to lock them out because they're scared of opposition.


Given the first past the post system in the US elections and even more so the electoral college of the presidency they dont have much reason to be worried about minor third parties as those parties will not be able to compete for the presidency without a lot more money and a very carismatic candidate or else winning a reasonably large number of more minor elections at state level and congress to build up support and recognition first.

possibly useful

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