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Where do the candidates stand?
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29 Aug 2012
Slugfest: In the cover story of the september issue of the Atlantic, James Fallows previews the 2012 U.S. presidential debates, predicting that they will...
23 Aug 2012
  From CNN: “What to do with nearly a million people who may have been born in another country but only know this one and who are Americans in every...
23 Aug 2012
  In anticipation of the final Presidential debate on October 22, 2012, Lynn University, as the debate’s host, has created a free app for the iPad...
21 Aug 2012
From Huffington Post: "Israel's Posturing: Behind Netanyahu And Barak's Threats To Attack Iran"
20 Aug 2012
From The Washington Post: "Romney accuses Obama of distorting the truth about GOP ticket’s tax policies".
17 Aug 2012
Now that the Republican presidential ticket has been announced the Romney campaign is going to have to address some of Paul Ryan’s baggage, namely...
16 Aug 2012
From the Washington Post: "Taking health-care reform a step further"
15 Aug 2012
We at IDEA are thrilled by the Commission on Presidential Debates' decision to name Candy Crowley as the moderator of one of this year's presidential...