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Where do the candidates stand?
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13 Jul 2012
From New York Times: "The Obama Doctrine: ‘Confront and Conceal,’ by David Sanger"  
12 Jul 2012
From New York Times: "Chicago, the Next Anti-Arizona"  
11 Jul 2012
From The Hill: Romney: Repeal health law, keep pre-existing conditions clause.
11 Jul 2012
From the Wall Street Journal: How Romney Pushed State Health Bill.
11 Jul 2012
From Health Affairs: Federal Employees Health Program Experiences Lack Of Competition In Some Areas, Raising Cost Concerns For Exchange Plans
10 Jul 2012
From Foreign Policy Magazine's Daniel W. Drezner: Mitt Romney's foreign policy campaign team seems to be broken. Is this a problem?
10 Jul 2012
From Forgeign Policy:  "Insourcing"  
7 Jul 2012
From NPR "In a New Ad, Obama Challenges Romney on China Trade":