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Where do the candidates stand?
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The IDEA Guide to the 2012 U.S. Presidential Debates.

This book analyzes the role that the presidential debates play in the election and identifies specific issues that President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney could discuss, providing introductory context and explaining both candidates’ positions. Free Download

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9 Oct 2012
The Week offers a roundup of opinions on how Barack Obama can improve his debate performance, after being widely seen as losing the first debate. Here are...
3 Oct 2012
You're invited to a free debate watch party tonight in NYC!
2 Oct 2012
John Nichols of the Nation says it's time to Open the Presidential Debates!
1 Oct 2012
We posted our Debate Watch Kit today, so that you can learn more and have more fun when you watch the debates this year. Check it out: http://presdebates....
1 Oct 2012
Show of Hands is the mobile app for the presidential debates. With Show of Hands, you can answer questions before, during and after the debates, and see...
27 Sep 2012
From ABC News: Debate Day Draws Near: Raising The Stakes, Lowering Expectations"Will Mitt Romney get the game changer he needs in next week’s presidential...
25 Sep 2012
In partnership with WGBH and the Open Society Foundations, IDEA is pleased to announce a new online collection of the pioneering television debate series, The...
4 Sep 2012
Last week the Republicans made their pitch to the American public at the Republican National Convention. If you missed any of the big speeches from Mitt Romney...